Bloodstone is an opaque cryptocrystalline dark green quartz with red flecks. It is also known as Heliotrope (which comes from the Greek word for solstice) or Piedra Del Sol. It’s a popular crystal often used for strength, presence, and courage.

Chakras - Root

Activates - Strength, Protection, Courage, Confidence, Purification, Cleansing, Altruism, Consciousness, Action, Motivation

Healing Physical - Blood cleanser Ideal for anaemia. It detoxifies the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen and bladder. regulates and supports blood flow and aids circulation. It reduces pus formation, neutralises toxins and stimulates the lymphatic system, healing inflammations and infections. Helpful in healing blood related cancers such as leukaemia and will assist in the treatment of HIV/Aids.

Planets – Mars

Zodiacs – Aries, Libra & Pisces

Elements – Earth

Colours – Green & Red

Numerical Vibration - 4-6

Appearance –Green quartz flecked with red or yellow jasper in the form of a tumble stone.

Rarity – Readily available

Source – Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Russia, India

Hardness – 7

Chemical Formula – SiO2

Family - Chalcedony - Cryptocristalline quartz

Healing with Bloodstone


♥ Abundance

♥ Alignment

♥ Creativity

♥ Courage

♥ Draws of negative environmental energy

♥ Generosity

♥ Good Fortune

♥ Idealism

♥ Intuition

♥ Organisation

♥ Purification

♥ Smooth Energy Flow