A stone for protection and grounding. This crystal closes your aura to keep out negative energy. Hematite is a common iron oxide mineral that can be found in the form of masses, botryoidal, tabular, and the rarest form, rhombohedral.

Chakras - Root

Activates - Opportunities, Strength, Balance, Clarity, Meditation, Grounding, Focus, Alignment of Chakra, Balancing Polarities, Manifestation, Action, Mental Enhancement, Transmutation of Negative Energies, Organisation, Channelling and Grounding Higher Vibrations

Healing Physical - Circulatory and blood issues. Elixir useful for fevers. Supports the kidneys by cleaning blood and regenerating the tissue. Aids in the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells. Helps with anxiety, insomnia, leg cramps. Helps with spinal alignment and fractures.

Planets – Mars

Zodiacs – Aries & Aquarius

Elements – Earth

Colours – Grey, silver, red & Metallic

Numerical Vibration - 9

Appearance – Unpolished - Red or grey. Polished - Shiny All sizes and heavy

Rarity – Common

Source – Brazil, Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Italy & Canada

Hardness – 5-6

Chemical Formula – Fe2O3

Healing with Hematite


♥ Action

♥ Alignment of Chakras

♥ Balance

♥ Channeling and Grounding Higher Vibrations

♥ Clarity

♥ Focus

♥ Grounding

♥ Manifestation

♥ Meditation

♥ Mental Enhancement

♥ Strength

♥ Transmutation of Negative Energies