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This crystal is great for ambition and will keep you working toward your objective. It is also helpful for longevity.

Chakras - Heart

Activates - Calming and Patience, Dreams, Love & Relationships, Joy, Protection, Physical Healing, Abundance, Inner Peace, Peace of Mind, Transmutation of Negative Energies, Longevity, Connection with Nature, Astral Travel, Elimination Toxins, Lucid Dreaming, Self- Healing, Fertility and Pregnancy

Healing Physical - powerful healing stone for the heart. strong earth element stone and has a very deep connection with Mother Earth. This helps to nurture your chi energy, just like the trees, giving it a strong root of love in the heart so it can steadily increase, grow, and flourish.

Planets – Earth

Zodiacs – Aries, Gemini, Libra & Taurus

Elements – Earth

Colours – Black, Green, Grey, White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Blue, Cream, Lavender, White & Red.

Numerical Vibration - 9

Appearance – Translucent (Jadeite), Creamy (Nephrite). Comes in all sizes and has a "soapy feel".

Rarity – Mostly are widely available however Nephrite is more common than Jadeite which can be rare.

Source – China, Italy, USA, Russia, Middle East & Myanmar.

Hardness – 6-7

Chemical Composition – n{NaAlSi2O6} p{Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2}

Healing with Jade


♥ Abundance

♥ Astral Travel

♥ Calming and Patience

♥ Connection with Nature

♥ Dreams & Lucid Dreaming

♥ Elimination Toxins

♥ Fertility and Pregnancy

♥ Inner Peace

♥ Joy

♥ Longevity

♥ Love & Relationships

♥ Peace of Mind

♥ Physical Healing

♥ Protection

♥ Self- Healing

♥ Transmutation of Negative Energies