Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli is a sodium aluminium silicate-rich mineral combined with the metamorphic rock it grows within.This is a protective stone. It aids focus, amplifies thought, helps in meditations and relieves sadness.

Chakras - Third Eye & Throat

Activates - Dreams, Balance, Intuition, Inspiration, Clarity, Communication, Meditation, Luck and Good Fortune, Knowledge, Ascension, Wisdom, Expansion, Insight, Inner Vision, Communication, Trust, Lucid Dreaming.

Healing Physical - Alleviates pain in particular migraines and headaches. Relieves stress and anxiety and helps to overcome depression. Beneficial to the nervous and respiratory system. Purifies blood and boosts the immune system as well as helping vertigo and insomnia. Can also be good for sore throats and fever.

Planets – Jupiter , Mercury, Neptune, & Saturn

Zodiacs – Aquarius, Pisces & Sagittarius

Elements – Wind

Colours – Blue to violet-blue with specks of calcite and pyrite

Numerical Vibration -

Appearance – Veined, dense stone which has the beautiful appearance of the night sky. Comes in all sizes and sometimes tumbled

Rarity – Easily obtain however it is expensive

Source – province of Badakshan, north east of Afghanistan were the best quality is still found. Chile at the « Flor de los Andes » mine in the region of Coquimbo, Siberia, Colorado in the United States, and in Myanmar.

Hardness – 6

Chemical Composition – (Na, Ca)8[Al6Si6O24]SO2 + calcite + pyrite + others

Family - Lazurite

Healing with Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

♥ Angelic Communication

♥ Ascension

♥ Balance

♥ Clarity

♥ Communication - Higher Realms & Guides

♥ Dreams Intuition

♥ Expansion

♥ Higher Self

♥ Inspiration

♥ Insight

♥ Inner Vision & Peace

♥ Interdimensional Communication

♥ Lucid Dreaming

♥ Meditation

♥ Past Lives

♥ Luck and Good Fortune

♥ Knowledge & Wisdom

♥ Trust

♥ Truth