A stone made from molten lava in which the cooling takes place so quickly it doesn't have a chance to crystallise. It is a highly protective stone.

Chakras - Root

Activates - Retrograde, Strength, Creativity, Intuition, Transformation, Protection, Clearing, Grounding, Truth, Stress Relief, Focus, Abundance, Trauma, Inner Peace, Creating Your Own Reality

Healing Physical - May help with uncovering the root cause of dis-ease. Aids in the digestion of anything that is hard to accept and promotes physical digestion. Detoxifies and helps to dissolve blockages and tensions in the physical and subtle bodies. Black Reduces the pain of arthritis, joint problems, cramps, injuries, warms the extremities, ameliorates pain and stanches bleeding.  

Planets – Saturn

Zodiacs – Sagittarius & Scorpio

Elements – Earth

Colours – Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Rainbow, Silver, Red-Black and Gold sheen

Numerical Vibration - 1

Appearance – opaque, shiny and glass-like. Comes in all sizes and is sometimes tumbled.

Rarity – Depending on the colour they can be scare or readily available. Blue-green colours are manufactured glass.

Source – Mexico & Worldwide

Hardness – 5.5

Chemical Composition– SiO2

Family -

Healing with Obsidian


♥ Absorbs negative energies

♥ Balance

♥ Communication

♥ Healing of body, mind & soul

♥ Increases nobility

♥ Inner peace and healing

♥ Meditation

♥ Positive transformation

♥ Psychic abilities

♥ Relieves stress

♥ Spiritual awareness