Smoky Quartz


A protection stone which stimulates survival instincts and enhances focus. Smoky Quartz is a type of Quartz that gets its black and/or smoky colour from natural radiation (in reference to the proximity of other radioactive minerals) or natural irradiation.

Chakras - Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root

Activates - Transformation, Strength, Balance, Protection, Grounding, Purification, Manifestation, Sense of Purpose, Organisation, Personal Will

Healing Physical - Eases cramps, strengthens the back and fortifies the nerves. Relieves headaches, back pain, eases muscular spasms. It is particularly effective on the abdomen, hips and legs. Benefits the reproductive system, the heart, muscles and nerve tissue.  It regulates liquids within the body and aids assimilation of minerals.

Planets – Earth, Saturn & Sun

Zodiacs – Capricorn, Sagittarius & Scorpio

Elements – Earth

Colours – Black, Grey & Smoky

Numerical Vibration - 2

Appearance – Transparent, glass like. All sizes and tumbled.

Rarity – Readily available

Source – Scotland, Sri Lanka, Spain and the United States

Hardness – 7

Chemical Composition – SiO2

Family - Quartz

Healing with Smoky Quartz


♥ Balance

♥ Grounding

♥ Manifestation

♥ Organisation

♥ Personal Will

♥ Protection

♥ Purification

♥ Sense of Purpose

♥ Strength

♥ Transformation