Quick Guide

This is a quick guide to specific areas which may need healing and the crystals that can be used in order to help. The crystals stated are not limited so please do look at each of the individual crystal for further guidance. You can click on each crystal which will take you to their main page with further information for a deeper insight.


Ameythst Soothes emotions & promotes peace

Rhodochrosite Brings repressed emotions to the surface

Lepidolite Releases old patterns & supports transitions

Clear Quartz Balances & revitalises the Mind, Body & Spirit

Rose Quartz Stimulates forgiveness & self-love

Selenite Clears away negative or stagnant energy


Ameythst for Balance and soothing

Citrine for Abundance & happiness

Clear Quartz for Clarity and mental focus

Black Toumaline for Grounding & protection

Rose Quartz for Compassion & Love

Selenite for Cleansing & healing


Flourite For psychic protection

Obsidian For turning negative energy in to positive energy

Smoky Quartz For dispersing fear & anxiety

Black Tourmaline For energetic vampires

Ameythst For protection in dreams

Tourmalinated Quartz For grounding


Jasper Boosts energy levels & encourages action

Citrine Activates creativity & inspires optimism

Bloodstone Revitalises the Mind & Body

Tiger's Eye Supports pushing past self-imposed limits

Carnelian Stimulates movement & restores motivation

Garnet Instils focus and endurance to achieve long term goals


Tiger's Eye For courage and centering

Smoky Quartz For endurance & mental focus

Obsidian For detoxification & self-control

Pyrite For strength & willpower

Hematite For composure & balance

Tourmaline For protection & stability


Pyrite For resilience and willpower

Moonstone For embracing change

Ameythst For balance & protection

Clear Quartz For decisiveness & mental clarity

Green Calcite For opportunities & renewal

Peacock Ore For gratitude & positivity


Blue Lace Agate Soothes frayed nerves

Tourmaline Grounds & protects your energy

Blue Kyanite Cleanses & aligns all chakras

Aqua Marine Enhances self awareness

Hematite Removes negativity

Clear Quartz Brings focus & clarity


Bronzite Removes hesitation

Pyrite Strengthens assertiveness & willpower

Tiger's Eye Enhances decision making

Carnelian Raises courage & self-worth

Citrine Boosts self-esteem & optimism

Sunstone Nurtures leadership abilities


Garnet For security & strength

Tourmaline For grounding & protection

Hematite For balance & stability

Obsidian For dissolving blockages

Smoky Quartz For removing negativity

Jasper For endurance & vitality


Jade Bestows good fortune & wealth

Pyrite Brings prosperity & strength to business

Green Aventurine Boosts opportunities

Citrine Attracts abundance & success

Green Calcite Dissolves blockages related to finance

Tiger's Eye Instils luck & protects & grounds money


Ameythst For grounding & intuition

Citrine For abundance & manifestation

Clear Quartz For amplification & clarity

Lepidolite For emotion balance

Peacock Ore For self-awareness & gratitude

Moonstone For harnessing lunar energy


Labradorite For inner transformation

Smoky Quartz For grounding & stress relief

Clear Quartz For alignment & mental clarity

Obsidian For introspection & protection

Moonstone For strengthening intuition

Selenite For renewing fresh energy


Mookaite For focus & grounding

Emerald For cooperation & understanding

Blue Lace Agate For inner peace & soothing emotions

Moss Agate For balancing extremes & slowing down

White Howlite For encouraging self- awareness

Lepidolite For quelling impulsivity & stress


Dioptase For forgiveness & prosperity

White Howlite For awareness & self expression

Moldative For emotional & spiritual evolution

Malachite For self understanding & wisdom

Rutilated Quartz For transitions & releasing the past

Chrysocolla For acceptance & honesty


Labradorite Helps you notice synchronicities

Indigo Gabbro Clarifies messages & improves memories

Celestite Encourages peace & positive dreams

Ameythst Alleviates insomnia & nightmares

Moonstone Aids lucid dreaming & activates intuition

Herkimer Diamond purifies your energy after dreams


Tourmaline For boundary setting & protection

Flourite For decisiveness & mental clarity

Ameythst For balancing & soothing emotions

Hematite For grounding & strength

Lepidolite For better sleep & stress relief

Smoky Quartz For releasing negative energies


Lapis Lazuli For accessing intuitive wisdom

Aquamarine For speaking from the heart

Sodalite For seeking logic & truth

Blue Lace Agate For calm & gentle self-expression

Flourite For mental balance & clarity

Blue Kyanite For dissolving blockages & fear


Sunstone For charisma & responsibility

Chrysocolla For purpose & truth

Bloodstone For courage & strength

Golden Calcite for confidence & integrity

Tiger's Eye For decisiveness & willpower

Sodalite For communication & innovation


Lapis Lazuli For creativity & objectivity

Amazonite For courage, hope & stress-relief

Tiger's Eye For integrity, good luck & willpower

White Howlite For patience self-awareness

Sodalite For focus, logic & memory

Flourite For balance, clarity * organisation


Indigo Gabbro For journeying in to dreams

Lapis Lazuli For unblocking inner wisdom

Sodalite For aiding spiritual perception

Labradorite For enhancing psychic abilities

Ameythst For higher consciousness

Moonstone For encouraging growth & receptivity


Ameythst For balance & calming nerves

Rose Quartz For love & compassion

Blue Lace Agate For inner peace & freedom

Lepidolite For anxiety & stress relief

Moonstone For harmony & hope

Amazonite For emotional healing


Herkimer Diamond For dreams & visionary insight

Tiger's Eye For problem solving & willpower

Tangerine Quartz For experimentation & playfulness

Lapis Lazuli For higher thinking & truth

Carnelian For inspiration & passion

Citrine For confidence & motivation


Smoky Quartz For removing blockages

Red Aventurine For determination & vigour

Garnet For endurance & romance

Ruby For courage & passion

Carnelian For motivation & pleasure

Rhodochrosite For cheer & playfulness


Kunzite For healing motional wounds

Obsidian For dissolving negativity

Ameythst For balance & protection

Rose Quartz For compassion & self-love

Malachite For moving forward & transformation

Rhodonite For perspective & self-worth


Sodalite For inspiration, logic & truth

Garnet For endurance & discipline

Malachite For positive transformation

Tiger's Eye For decision making and willpower

Flourite For balance & organisation

Clear Quartz For focus & mental clarity


Labradorite For dissolving fear & illusion

Black Onyx For stability & grounding

Obsidian For illuminating inner truth

Moonstone For emotional support during changes

Rose Quartz For self-acceptance & self-love

Selenite For clearing out old energy


Amazonite For inner & outer peace

Moonstone For gratitude & perspective

Rose Quartz For beauty, compassion & love

Jade For harmony & understanding

Blue Kyanite For alignment & balance

Clear Quartz For cleansing & renewal


Selenite For removing stagnant energy

Smoky Quartz For dispelling negativity

Apophyllite For dissolving blockages

Clear Quartz For overall cleansing

Ameythst For breaking bad habits

Blue Kyanite For clearing and opening all chakras


Bloodstone For courage & grounding

Bronzite For determination & decisiveness

Pyrite For personal power & strength

Hematite For resistance & stability

Tiger's Eye For motivation & vitality

Garnet For confidence & endurance


Smoky Quartz For energy & grounding

Indigo Gabbro For enhancing dream work

Obsidian For repelling negativity

Labradorite For enhancing psychic abilities

Angelite For communicating with spirit guides

Selenite For opening the mind


Rhodochrosite For playfulness & self-love

Peridot For compassion & joy

Peacock Ore For positivity & upliftment

Amazonite For authenticity & Inspiration

Carnelian For passion & motivation

Citrine For abundance & happiness